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Dino Dash

LAUNCH DATE May 18, 2023 11:00:00 UTC

CREATORS Kester Albo & Christopher Albo

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Throughout history, dinosaurs have captured our imagination with their immense size and awe-inspiring presence. DinoDash harnesses this fascination and transforms it into an exhilarating racing game experience. In this thrilling world, these ancient creatures are brought back to life, showcasing their remarkable abilities and prowess as they compete in high-stakes races. Combining the allure of prehistoric times with modern gaming technology, DinoDash invites players to take the reins of their favorite dinosaurs and navigate challenging courses, outpacing rivals and demonstrating their mastery over these magnificent beings. DinoDash is not just another racing game; it offers a utility-driven NFT collection designed to provide players with lasting in-game and community benefits. Owning a Dino NFT grants access to exclusive DinoDash features and a host of members-only advantages within the vibrant DinoDash community. As you immerse yourself in this captivating prehistoric racing world, your prized Dino NFT serves as a passport to an ever-evolving array of experiences and rewards, ensuring long-term value and engagement. Built and powered by Alphack Studios, the guiding principle is to transcend the boundaries of traditional NFTs. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in DinoDash's ambitious long-term vision. DinoDash aspires to be a groundbreaking multi-chain utility platform within the Polygon ecosystem, illustrating the immense potential of NFTs in revolutionizing the gaming and digital content landscapes. Utility: With a DinoDash NFT, you get to enjoy the following benefits: Playable Character/Game Identity - You get to race with your unique NFT in the game, while non-holders will be equipped with a standard skin. Staking for $Alphack + Staking Multipliers - Our new gamified NFT yield multiplying staking system provides a dynamic approach to staking. You can earn a yield multiplier by staking a minimum of $1 in Alphack alongside your NFTs. NFT Rentals - Lease out your digital assets for an extended duration in exchange for Alphack tokens. In-game rewards/airdrops - Enjoy exclusive in-game item airdrops and priority access to purchase limited edition NFT skins. Participation in Tournaments - Join bi-monthly tournaments and compete for a grand prize of $15,000. All DinoDash holders get a free entry. Early Access to the Marketplace with no fees - As a DinoDash NFT holder, you get early beta access to our marketplace, where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. With the initial release of the marketplace, DinoDash holders will pay 0 fees to our marketplace for a limited time! Early Access to Maps and Game Modes - Get exclusive early access to upcoming maps and game modes, giving you a competitive edge over other players. Free special version of the Battle Pass - Holders are entitled to receive complimentary battle passes, which offer a tier-based reward system.

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