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Board Beings

LAUNCH DATE May 30, 2023 12:00:00 UTC

CREATORS @ScribbleWarl0ck


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Have you ever ran a tabletop campaign of “Dungeons & Dragons” or “Monster of the Week” with your friends? Ever got lost in hours of good times spent board gaming in the untapped lands of “Catan” or the spooky hallways of “Betrayal at House on the Hill”? Or perhaps you are more of the creative type and you just enjoy miniature building and customization? If any of that resonates with you than you are in the right place. From the mind of SCRIBBLE WARLOCK comes an idea many years in the making. BOARD BEINGS is a modular gaming system centered around both digital and printable collectible figures and characters. These figital figurines are to be used as the player sees fit. This could be as tokens in already existing games such as table top rpgs or chess, they could be used to play the official BOARD BEINGS games or community made projects, or they can act as pristine collectibles on display in both the real and virtual worlds.

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